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About Us

Our Vision

Towards a prosperous and inclusive society in the region of Béni Mellal Khénifra, where every individual enjoys equal opportunities and their rights are protected. We envision a future where the local community actively participates in decision-making processes and collectively works towards sustainable development.


Association Al Intilaka Pour Le Developpement, L'Environnement Et La Culture - Afourer (AIDECA) is a non-profit association, founded on December 22nd, 1996 and located in Beni Mellal, Morocco. It operates throughout the Béni Mellal Khénifra region and works more particularly in: the socio-economic empowerment of youth and women, education, local governance and environment.

Our Values




Social Justice


Our Mission

Contribute to the local development of the Béni Mellal Khénifra region through community organisation and capacity building of local actors.

Our objectives

Promoting Citizenship and Human Rights

Adhere to social dynamics aimed to promote the emergence of the values of citizenship and human rights;

Sustainable and Integrated Development

Contribute to sustainable and integrated development guaranteeing access to economic, social, cultural and environmental rights;

Supporting Local and Regional CSOs

Support the local and regional CSOs, strengthen their capacities and consolidate their participation in local development;

Empowering Women and Young People

Strengthen the socio-economic and political empowerment of women and young people;

Protecting and Promoting Children's Rights

Support efforts to protect and promote children's rights;

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